Work in Czech Republic

First, a foreigner needs to find a job in the Czech Republic and his/her future employer must consult with the Employment Office and express the intention to employ a foreigner in a specified position. After the consultation, the position must be advertised at least for 30 days. If the position cannot be filled by a Czech national, the foreigner can apply for a work permit for such position.

The foreigner usually applies for the work permit before he/she enters the Czech Republic. He/she applies in writing (application form) to the regional Public Employment Office; some special annexes to the application form are needed (as a photocopy of his/her travel document, a statement of the employer that he/she will employ the foreigner etc.) He/she can be also represented by his/her future employer or by an empowered representative. The administrative fee for the work permit application is CZK 500.

Benefits of working in the Czech Republic:

  • advantageous location in Europe;
  • no need knowledge of the Czech language for employment is required;
  • duration of stay in the Czech Republic for work;
  • official employment;
  • a working visa to the Czech Republic makes it possible to move freely within the territory of the EU;
  • decent wage level.

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • CV, certificates, educational documents

We provide the following documents:

  • Work permit
  • Letter of accommodation
  • Contract
  • Guarantee letter from employer

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