Tourist Immigration in Czech Republic

What you need to submit with the application for a Schengen visa

Application form

The application form must be filled in completely and signed at the very end of the form. Any person appearing in your travel document (such as your child under the age of 15 or wife) must complete a separate application form. The visa application form for a child under 18 must be signed by a parent or a legal guardian.

Please note: the application form must be filled in only in Czech or English language

Travel document

Your travel document (passport) must contain at least two empty pages for affixing visa stickers, must have been issued within the last 10 years and must be valid for at least three months after your intended stay (after the last intended stay in case of multiple journeys).


Your photograph must confirm to ICAO standards. The photograph should be of standard passport photo size (35×45 mm), must be of a high quality, taken against a plain light background, not older than 6 months, showing you looking directly at the camera with your eyes open. Please attach the photograph to the application form with glue (do not staple it).


You have to submit your fingerprints when applying for a visa for the first time. For the purpose of collecting the fingerprints, you need to appear in person. Once the fingerprints have been collected, you are in general not required to re-submit them  for the next 59 months. In that case, you need to prove that  your fingerprints were taken (provide a copy of the visa at the application for which your fingerprints were taken, or the form informing about the refusal of such an application), otherwise you can request that your fingerprints are collected again.

Children younger than 12 years are not required to submit fingerprints, as well as Heads of state and government and members of national governments traveling for official purpose.

Travel medical insurance

The insurance must cover emergency medical care, hospitalization and repatriation (including in case of death). The minimum coverage must be  30.000 EUR. This insurance must be valid for the entire Schengen area and for the whole  intended stay (of the first planned stay if you apply for a multiple entry visa). Holders of diplomatic passports and family members of EU citizens do not need to provide travel medical insurance.

Supporting documents

The supporting documents vary according to your purpose of travel – please choose the list of documents relevant to your purpose:



Private visit

Official Visit

Medical Treatment


If you are a family member of an EU citizen, you do not need to provide supporting documents. However, you have to prove your status of a family member of an EU citizen by providing a document confirming the identity of the EU citizen and your family relationship to him/her. 

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