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Czech Republic: Mismatch priority occupations

Engineers and other technical professionals belong to high shortage occupations for the Czech Republic.

Looking at the past, current and future trends (3-4 years), a number of occupations have been identified as mismatch priority occupations for Czech Republic, i.e. they are either in shortage of surplus.

Shortage occupation: an occupation that is in short supply of workers, and for which the employers typically face difficulties finding a suitable candidate.

Surplus occupation: an occupation for which there are plenty of suitable workers available but low demand. The employers have no problems filling such posts.

The list below is based on an assessment of the labour market of Czech Republic. The occupations presented are not given any rank. All of them present high mismatch.

Shortage Occupations

  1. Engineers and other technical professionals
  2. Nursing and midwifery professionals
  3. Medical doctors and other health professionals
  4. ICT professionals
  5. Teachers

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