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Study or Training

13.01.2019 / 09:19

List of supporting documents to be submitted by applicants in UAE travelling for the purpose of study:

Certificate of enrolment at an educational establishment for the purposes of attending vocational or theoretical courses within the framework of basic and further training
Student cards or certificates of the courses to be attended

Copy of round-trip flight ticket or flight reservation – with valid reservation code or with number of ticket if already paid

Proof of accommodation – a) hotel reservation; b) proof of rental or ownership of real estate in CZ; c) confirmation of private accommodation, mentioning that the host will cover the accommodation costs; d) confirmation of accommodation by the company inviting the applicant, mentioning that the company will cover the accommodation costs.
Reservation of accommodation should cover the whole period of stay in the Schengen Area.

Travel medical insurance – valid for the entire period of the intended stay and all Schengen states with a minimum coverage of € 30.000 (medical reimbursements, emergency evacuation and repartition of mortal remains)

Verifiable evidence of sufficient means of subsistence during intended stay: a) payslips; b) a valid international credit card accompanied by bank statement; c) bank account statements for the last 3 months; or d) a national form for proof of sponsorship and/or accommodation. Bank statements must be original or stamped copies

For employees:  
Original letter from the employer (NOC – No Objection Certificate) on official letterhead paper with stamp, signature, date and clearly mentioning:
address, telephone and fax numbers of the employing company
name and position  of the countersigning officer
employee´s name, status, position, salary and years of employment
approval of leave of absence

For self-employed persons: valid original trade licence

Proof of legal residence in the UAE:
Residence permit valid 3 months beyond the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen area or,
For GCC citizens – UAE-ID-Card  valid for 3 months after the intended departure date from the territory of the Schengen area

Minors (under 18 years of age) travelling alone (without parents/legal guardian):
Original authorisation signed by their parents/legal guardian in front of a visa officer or duly legalised, and
Copy of passport(s) of parents/legal guardian

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