Privacy Policy


We, at Skygoal synergy, are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We will always take reasonable and appropriate measures to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal information. These measures include but are not limited to the application and adherence to, of numerous physical security protocols, cyber security protocols, data encryption, data anonymization and limitation of access. This Privacy Policy (together with the General and specific terms and conditions relating to the services you have subscribed to) explains what personal information we have, how we use it and how you can check and update any personal information we have about you.

Type of information collected from you

We only collect the information that is required by the host college or university, employer company or the concerned government to submit the study permit, work permit and/or visa application or provide a requested service. The personal information that we collect is determined by the concerned government that grants the study permit, work permit and/or visa, and is dependent on what type of work permit or visa you are applying for.

Some examples of the types of data that may be collected:

Personal data: Such as, name, national identity number, nationality, gender, details of your travel document (e.g. passport or ID), email address, telephone number and postal address, place & date of birth.

Sensitive Personal data: Religion, marital status, health related information, Biometric data, such as Fingerprints, Photographs & DNA swabs.

Third persons: Children, parents name, spouse name, employers’ details, someone who gives a personal reference, address you are staying at your destination.

Communication data: Contact details, emails, mobile phone number.

Payments data: Payment card details, bank account details.

Electronic media data: CCTV images, video & audio recordings, website cookies.

This list is not exhaustive and varies depending on the host college or university, employer company or concerned government’s requirements and the services you request from us.

If you want to know exactly what personal information will be collected for your work permit and/or visa or travel document application, please contact us at the numbers mentioned on our website.

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