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To work abroad is an opportunity for many people because of the increased wages, better lifestyle and exposure to new cultures. Many Asian workers like to have a job in the European continent. Many workers from the middle east also are looking for change. They are searching for job opportunities in other countries.

We, at Skygoal Synergy, are dedicated to helping the workers for accomplishing their goals through our prompt solutions. We aim to make this transition easier for our clients. Our team is specialized to deal with every step involved in the process.

Over the years, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of workers to settle abroad for fulfilling their career objectives.

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Work in Poland

Every year more and more people leaving their homes to go to work in Poland. The reasons for this phenomenon are obvious:

  • the desire to live better and earn more,
  • to discover new opportunities for yourself and your family.

Perhaps the very first thing that foreigners are guided by when traveling to Poland is its geographical location. It is very pleasant that you are in Europe. And at any time, you can go to other neighbouring countries for a couple of days without an obtaining visa. It is also nice to know that Poland cares about newcomers and, tries to simplify their...Read More

Work in Czech Republic

First, a foreigner needs to find a job in the Czech Republic and his/her future employer must consult with the Employment Office and express the intention to employ a foreigner in a specified position. After the consultation, the position must be advertised at least for 30 days. If the position cannot be filled by a Czech national, the foreigner can apply for a work permit for such position.

The foreigner usually applies for the work permit before he/she enters the Czech Republic. He/she applies in writing (application form) to the regional Public Employment Office; some special annexes to the application form...Read More

Work in Estonia

Estonia has become an interesting choice when it comes to changing the country of residence, as well as the work environment. However, one must follow specific procedures to receive a work and residence permit in Estonia.

Types of work and residence permits in Estonia:

Foreign citizens who want to move to Estonia can apply for one of the following works and residence permits:

  • permits for completing specific activities which are issued for sportsmen, doctors and government officials;
  • temporary residence permits for those interested in living in Estonia for short periods of time (below 5 years);
  • permanent residence visas which will be granted to those living in Estonia for more...Read More

Work in Hungary

All foreign nationals who intend to work in Hungary must obtain a work permit.

Types of work permits:

  • Individual work permit
  • Joint work permit
  • Residence permit

Individual work permits are issued if a foreign national wish to work in Hungary for a period not exceeding 90 days during a 180-day period. A Joint permit is required if a foreign national intends to work in Hungary for a period exceeding 90 days within a 180-day period.


Process to obtain a work permit:

Step 1: Advertise the job in the Hungarian Labour Office (Munkaügyi Központ) for a fixed period of 15 days to allow enough time for...Read More

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