Business Immigration in Poland

Poland Residence by Investment

Poland offers temporary residence to business investors that want to start a business in the country. It basically requires the investor to set up a business activity and demonstrate that they generate at least 15,000 EUR of income a year to be eligible for a temporary residence permit. Multiplying the 15,000 EUR income can lead to more temporary residence permits for the investors. Investors can invest in real estate as a business. After 3 years of holding the temporary permit, the foreigner can apply for permanent residence in Poland. After 3 years of permanent residence, the foreigner can apply for naturalization into Polish citizenship. Citizenship by investment is also possible at the discretion of the government. It’s not a straightforward process, but in the past investors that had invested above 1M EUR into the Polish economy were able to receive expedited naturalization. The Polish passport is one of the best in the world with visa-free travel to the U.S. and freedom of movement in the European Union.

Poland Business Investor

Some foreigners may establish and conduct business activity may take up and conduct business activity exclusively in the form of:

  • limited partnership 
  • limited joint stock partnership
  • limited liability company
  • joint stock company

Note: A foreigner who wants to establish one of the partnerships or companies does not have to legalize his stay in Poland and apply for a work permit in Poland. Such a foreigner is the owner of a company and does not have to physically reside in Poland – he can register a firm via the Internet, for example. The person who will conduct business activity in Poland is, for instance, a company director. In case the director is a foreigner, he must apply for a permit to work in Poland and have grounds for residence in Poland.

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